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May 9, 2022

Imperia is a beautiful coastal city between Genoa, Italy and the French border. It was created by the unification of Oneglio, Porto Maurizio and the surrounding villages. Between Porto Maurizio and Oneglio, there is the river Imperia, after which the city is named.

If you enter Imperia through the west, the road following the coastline quickly opens up to a beautiful view of a large bay of shimmering blue water. This city is covered by majestic hills covered with colorful orange buildings.

Imperia is famous for growing olives and flowers. Also, Imperia is a popular summer destination for tourists. The local Piscina Felice Cascione indoor hosted several local and global aquatic events.

Things To Do In Imperia 

  • Downtown Imperia is full of museums, theaters and boutiques for all-day fun. 
  • The delicious meals at the La Foce- Non solo Vino, Osteria Didu, and Trattoria Bulgamatta are hard to beat. 
  • Read the papers while sipping your coffee at any cafes scattered throughout the town.
  • Walk along the main thoroughfare while watching people wander past.
  • Find an excellent souvenir at one of the small shops.
  • Reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic at your favorite gallery.
  • Visit the churches to learn about the local history and the people.
  • Visit Imperia on June 24, and you’ll see an incredible procession depart from the cathedral along the streets of Oneglia. It features ancient statues of saint Madonna and Jesus carried on shoulders by brotherhood and religious groups.


  1. Marguerite Matusak

    Beautiful city, I would love to visit there!

  2. Robert A Yates

    What is the Summer-Winter temperature range, and the cost of real estate there?


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