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May 14, 2022

The town of Hasting in England is found 53 miles (85KM) south of London. Its seaside setting makes it the perfect destination for a nice, quiet vacation; if you do not mind fishing activities, that is. The town gets its name from the Battle of Hastings, which happened at Senlac Hill. The battle took place in 1066. Later on, Senlac Hill was converted into one of the medieval Cinque Ports. Today Hastings is mostly viewed as a fishing port hosting the UK’s largest beach-based fishing fleet. As of 2018, Hastings was home to 92.855 people.

Points of interest in Hastings

• Hastings Castle is a keep and bailey building found in Hastings, East Sussex. The castle was built in 1070, four years after the Norman Invasion. Nearby, you can find the well-known St. Clements Caves. These structures are home to the Smugglers’ adventure. Here visitors can learn about the history of smuggling on England’s southern coast.

• Hastings Pier was opened in 1872 but was later closed down due to safety concerns. After a 14.2 million pound refurbishment, the pier was reopened to the public on April 27, 2016.

• The Marine Court is found on the seafront. The building is designed after the RMS Queen Mary. Built in 1938, the building is still visible from Eastbourne, 32km away.


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