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October 22, 2021

Originally settled by European migrants, Harrisburg was officially incorporated as a city in 1791. Harrisburg is one of the oldest cities in the United States, with a rich historical legacy of some 200 years. Harrisburg is in Pennsylvania’s Dauphin County along the Susquehanna River and is also the state’s capital city.

Interesting facts about Harrisburg

  • Harrisburg was pivotal in the early United State’s expansion efforts into the west of the North American continent. In many ways, Harrisburg contributed to the United States’ borders reaching the shores of the Pacific Ocean, becoming the continental country it is today.
  • The skyline of Harrisburg features the iconic domed capitol building. The Capitol building’s rotunda was built to resemble St. Peter’s Basilica. President Theodore Roosevelt was noted as being particularly impressed by it.
  • Harrisburg hosts many events throughout the year. Most notable among these events is the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest agriculture exhibition event in the United States. Harrisburg is also home to North America’s largest auto show.
  • The Riverfront Park and City Island on the Susquehanna River are two popular Harrisburg destinations. Much of the city’s outdoor activities like festivals, paddle-boating, and riverboat cruises take place along the river.
  • The Broadstreet Market in Harrisburg opens every Thursday until Saturday and offers a wide variety of fresh foods. The Market makes for a tasty Pennsylvanian urban adventure.
  • Pennsylvania’s centuries-long history is well-preserved in Harrisburg. The State Museum of Pennsylvania and the National Civil War Museum showcase Harrisburg and Pennsylvania’s story through interactive displays, lectures, and events.


  1. Leo Tom

    Interesting. What in the population of Harrisburg?

    • Jim

      In 2019, the population of Harrisburg was 49,209 people.

  2. Steve England

    I have been to Harrisburg a few times and found it to be a beautiful place. The scenery is something to behold, I lived in Honesdale Pa. which is also a beautiful small town. I now live in Kentucky and am from Queens N.Y. but my heart is in Pennsylvania.

  3. Jim

    In 2019, the population of Harrisburg was 49,271 people.


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