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Groningen, Netherlands

August 24, 2021

Groningen is the capital city of Groningen province, which is in the northern part of Holland. Groningen is a lively city that is home to a population of 200,000 people. The city is popular for having many students as it has over 50,000 students. The residents of Groningen affectionately nickname Groningen a student city, because the resident-students fill the city with fun.

What to do in Groningen

Groningen has a lot to offer in terms of cultural events. The place has many beautiful monuments, shopping districts and superb restaurants. Here are some other fun things to do in this great city. 

View Martinikerk and Climb the Martini Tower

Visiting Martin’s Church (Martinikerk) during a service will give you an unforgettable experience—especially if you visit during Christmastime. The magnificent organ is put through its pace, and the choir accompanies it. 

The exterior of Martin’s church is breathtaking. It is made of lovely bricks that have been in place since the 13th century. This Romanesque-Gothic basilica architecture style is one of Groningen’s most essential landmarks. 

The Martinitoren tower is undoubtedly an attractive feature in Martin’s church. The tower is 96-meter-tall, and climbing it will give you the best view of the Main Market Square- Grote Markt.

Explore Groningen Festive Parks

Noorderplantsoen is one of the prettiest open spaces to explore in Groningen. Featured by a long narrow park, Noorderplantsoen, which is laid in the style of the English Garden, has old moats that have been turned into ponds. Noorderplantsoen Park is the home of many events, including the annual Noorderzon Theater Festival.

Groningen’s City Park-Stadspark is also another important place to visit in Groningen. The park is an arboretum for many concerts and events. The park has a pleasant garden, Haren Hortus Botanicus, which is potentially large. The Garden is undoubtedly worth visiting as it has been in place since 1642.

Prince’s Garden, Prinsentuin is a lovely place that is Renaissance-inspired. Prince’s Garden is ideal for a pleasant tearoom and a famous annual poetry festival, Dichters in de Prinsentuin.

Visit Groningen University and Museum

Groningen University is a first-rate science museum that is worth visiting. The museum was founded in 1934, and it has fascinating displays. The museum has the Egyptian Mummy, which is the first electromagnetic car and astronomy /ethnology features.

Take a Trip to the Fortified Village of Bourtange

Traveling 61 kilometers to the east of Groningen will bring you to the Fortified village of Bourtange, closer to the German border. The area has remarkable engineering features that were built in 1593. Viewed aerially, the entire area looks like a huge star, outlined by many moats and waterways.

Visit the Nienoord in Leek

Nienoord is a 15-minute drive to the west side of Groningen. The village is located in a lovely setting with an attractive canal-side manor house built in the 1800s. Currently, the place is a home for the National Carriage Museum, National Rijtuigmuseum.


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