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December 25, 2022

Nestled comfortably in the Alpine foothills in southeastern France and surrounded by imposing mountains, Grenoble is the country’s most important center for science and research. Founded over 2,000 years ago as a Gallic village, Grenoble’s name was changed to Grelibre during the French Revolution due to the reticence of the people to be related to nobility and royalty.

Today, the Grenoble Metropolitan Area is home to over 715,000 residents, who lovingly refer to the city as “The Capital of the Alps.” Because of Grenoble’s importance in the fields of research, technology and innovation, it has been estimated that at least 20 percent of its population is directly involved in these fields, making it one of Europe’s most important scientific centers.

Grenoble is also an important university city, housing approximately 54,000 students, of which about 16 percent are foreigners. The city’s economy is mostly dependent on its high-tech industry, of which semiconductors, electronics, and biotechnology, are the most notorious, together with its heavy machinery manufacturing facilities and its innovations in renewable energy.

Grenoble Facts:

  • English is Grenoble’s second most used language. 
  • Grenoble is the largest and most populous city of the Isère department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes portion of France.
  • Similar to French wines and cheeses, Grenoble’s walnuts have an Appellation d’Origine Contrôllée label.
  • Grenoble was the host of the 1968 Winter Olympics, which represented the city’s economic growth after the end of World War II, and is currently a favorite vacation spot for those who enjoy winter sports, thanks to its numerous ski resorts placed in the surrounding mountains.

Grenoble Major Attractions:

  • Musée de Grenoble – This world-renowned museum houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and antiquities.
  • The Bastille – This impressive fortified complex is one of Grenoble’s most important tourist attractions, with about 600,000 visitors every year.

The Vieille Ville – This beautiful historic location is popular for its cobblestone paved streets and picturesque areas.

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  1. Susan Diederichsen

    yrs ago in San Francisco, about the ‘60’s, my next door neighbor went there … she’s a great skier. I just skied in Squaw Valley, as it was called then, and other places. Lake Tahoe is a great place for ski resorts in winter, in summer, hiking, and swimming in Lake Tahoe.


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