August 9, 2022

Quietly nestled amidst rolling hills, Granville is home to Denison University, a private liberal arts college that was founded in 1831. Boasting a number of historical buildings, Granville was first settled by European immigrants from Granville, Massachusetts, in 1805, but there is evidence of human activity in the area dating back to the year 800 AD.

Granville, OH, was named after the Massachusetts home of the first settlers and was originally set aside by the government to pay the veterans of the Revolutionary War in the form of land grants. By 1820, the residents of Granville, who recognized the value of the education of both men and women, had established the first schoolhouse in the area. By 1830, the number of schools in the village had grown to 5, and two years later, some of these institutions merged to form Denison University.

As it happens with many similar villages across the United States, community life in Granville is dominated by religion. Because of this, Granville is the center of the American Baptist Church of Ohio, and Denison University was created as a Baptist college. However, today, it has transitioned into a non-sectarian school.

Visitors to Granville enjoy exploring some of its prominent historic locations, including the prehistoric Alligator Effigy Mound, which is believed to have been a ceremonial site used by the Fort Ancient Native American culture. Other sites of interest are the nearby Newark Earthworks, built by the Hopewell people.

Many of the historic buildings in Granville were designed in the Greek Revival style, which makes them fascinating sites to visit. One of the most impressive of these beautifully constructed buildings is the Bryn Du Mansion, which was built by Henry D. Wright in 1865, and is currently owned by the village. The mansion features 52 rooms and 12 fireplaces, as well as a carriage house and horse barn.

The Historical Society Museum is another one of Granville's many attractions. Beautifully organized and very well maintained, it offers a view of the village's history with guided tours of the museum and village. Lake Hudson is a popular spot for fishing and boating in Granville, together with Mirror Lake at Infirmary Mound Park. With something to do for everybody, Granville has become one of the greatest places to visit in rural Ohio.


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