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Garden Grove

January 1, 2023

Garden Grove is the gateway to top Southern California visitor attractions, which include the fun-filled Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. In addition, the city is famous for organizing the annual Strawberry festival that attracts approximately 250,000 visitors on Memorial Day weekends.

A visit to Garden Grove on Memorial Day weekend allows you to join the city’s population in celebrating Garden Grove’s agricultural past in this annual event. You’ll enjoy carnival rides, parades, live music, and local food from vendors during the event.

Quick Facts about Garden Grove City

  • Garden Grove was founded in 1874, and the agricultural city is well known for producing fruits such as oranges and walnuts.
  • The city has a high population of Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese people who moved to Garden Grove after the fall of Saigon in the 70s
  • The population of the city stood at 171,949 in the 2020 Census, covering an area of 18.0 square miles.

Exciting activities and attractions in Garden Grove

While in Garden Grove, you can engage in the following activities or visit the city’s major attractions:

  • Attend the annual Strawberry Festival
  • Visit the city’s prominent piece of architectural marvel known as the Crystal Cathedral
  • Tour the Twin Lakes Recreation Park or Atlantis Park for photography and fun-filled activities
  • Scout for vintage memorabilia in antique shops on Historic main street
  • Watch musical concerts, dance events, and one of Shakespeare’s plays on the Festival Amphitheater

If you’re in Southern California, Garden Grove City is your perfect place to tour and enjoy many fun-filled activities while also visiting various attractions in the city


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