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Frankfurt am Main

January 17, 2022

Frankfurt am Main is a major financial hub and the most populous city in Hesse state, Germany. As the fifth most populous city in Germany, it has huge traffic of residents and visitors alike. Conveniently located on the river Main, the city boasts a futuristic skyline and major transportation systems. 

Traditionally, Frankfurt has been known for delicious sausages. But the tasty cuisine is just the tip of what’s in store for you. The city hosts a few of the world’s most popular and important trade shows, including the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Frankfurt Auto Show. 

Let’s explore what Frankfurt am Main has to offer.

World-Class Attractions

Frankfurt’s city center attracts millions of tourists each year. People flock to the city to set eyes on:

  • The Romer square
  • Beautiful museums located at River Main
  • Amazing cultural landscapes
  • Stunning theaters.

And if you’re an ardent fan of music or plays, Frankfurt am Main should be on your bucket list. Your vacation evenings will never be the same again.

Fun Facts About Frankfurt

Known as ‘Mainhattan,’ Frankfurt got the famous nickname due to its proximity to the river Main. Furthermore, it has the tallest buildings of all the other German cities. Notably, Frankfurt is the only German city with striking skyscrapers that play a huge role in Germany’s cultural heritage. The fourth tallest skyscraper, the Main tower, is the only tower with a viewing platform open to the public — it’s also the city’s viewpoint.

Visit Frankfurt am Main Today

Having several activities and places to explore, Frankfurt am Main is worth spending time with your friends or family. And if you love solo traveling, there’ll be something for you. The city’s scenic sites and fun activities complement the rich German culture, making it a must-visit destination.

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