October 22, 2022

As the Old State Capitol Building holds prominence in Historic Downtown, the modern capital of the Commonwealth of Kentucky has classic southern charm in droves. Located inside Kentucky Bluegrass country, Frankfort and the State Capitol building seem almost out of place for a small town of just under 30,000, at least by modern standards. Nonetheless, the Capitol Dome reveals its majestic watch over one of the oldest states in the union and home to some satisfyingly rich Americana.


Few places in the United States have more to do with American frontier history than Kentucky. The geography shaped earlier expansion west as settlers looked for land for homesteading. Frankfort’s location on both sides of the Kentucky River made it an ideal place to settle because the river connects Frankfort’s local economy and culture with the rest of the United States. 

By statehood in 1794, several local communities established town centers, each competing to be the official state capital. With Kentucky officially a state, Frankfort continued growing and changing until the eighties, when population levels leveled out.

Frankfurt Attractions

Modern Frankfort is the gathering place for everything that is (and was) Kentucky. It is also the center of a census-mandated area that includes Franklin, Lawrenceburg, and Anderson Counties. While numerous events relevant to American History and culture happened in the Frankfort area, perhaps the best known are horse racing and bourbon.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby happens each year at Churchill Downs as the first of three races for the Triple Crown. The Derby and the other two races for the Triple Crown date back to the years after the Civil War. The Sam horse must win all three races in one season to win. Only 13 horses have achieved the Crown over its 150 + year history. And, of course, bourbon is America’s officially designated spirit for adding to alcoholic beverages. There are more barrels of bourbon whiskey aging in Kentucky than people living in the state.


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