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September 21, 2021

Fermo is rich in history, with ancient civilizations residing on Italian lands as early as the 9th century BC. Originally founded as a Latin colony, remnants of the bygone world can be found across Fermo. See the Roman theatre and the old city walls when walking the streets of this beautiful town. However, today’s Spot of the Day is another, more hidden ancient site.

Although Fermo’s elevated points offer the most stunning views (such as the Girfalco with its far-reaching 180° coastal views or the panoramic balcony in Torre di Palme), we invite you to look further down, to the Roman Cisterns of Fermo.

Originally developed by Emperor Augustus, this impressive system collected water from natural springs and rainfall, quenching the thirst of the city’s Roman residents. Today, visitors observe the feats of engineering achieved by our ancient predecessors. Discover how the Romans harnessed the limited technology of the past to create limestone filtering systems, how stunning arches were formed underground and how water tanks were set up in clever sequence.

What else should you know before visiting the Fermo cisterns? 

  • Visitors should enter with a guide.
  • Tickets can be purchased in Ferno’s Tourist Office.
  • The entry point is easily missed, as it is accessed through an unassuming doorway (looking out to a narrow alleyway).
  • This is a space for history lovers. After the Romans, the structure was used by Monks (as a cellar) and during the Second World War as a bomb shelter.

Fermo is a unique place to visit, with its panoramic viewing points and rich history. Take a moment to descend into the richest part of this town’s history by visiting the Roman Cisterns of Fermo.

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