February 18, 2023

Duluth is a city located in the state of Minnesota along the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a port city with a population of 86,265 that offers residents and visitors alike plenty to explore and enjoy. Whether you are looking for local cuisine, outdoor activities, educational attractions or historical sites, there is something for everyone in Duluth.

The population of Duluth is 86,265, according to the 2019 census estimates. This makes it the fourth-largest city in Minnesota behind Minneapolis-Saint Paul (3 million), Rochester (210,000) and Bloomington (86,000). Regarding geographic size, it measures over 46 service miles and covers an area of 78.5 square miles.

Fun Facts

  • The world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, borders Duluth.
  • Duluth is home to two of the five longest streets in the U.S. – London Road and Grand Avenue.
  • The city is also known for its craft breweries and cideries. There are over 20 different breweries within the city limits!
  • In 2018 Duluth was named one of the top 10 cities in America by National Geographic magazine.
  • Glensheen Mansion is a historic estate located on the shores of Lake Superior that has been featured in several television shows and movies.
  • Duluth has more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city! Some popular places include Fitger’s Brewhouse (craft beer & classic pub fare), Dubh Linn Irish Pub (Irish classics), Blackwoods Barbecue Co (regional barbecue) and The Boathouse Fish & Chips (fried fish sandwiches).


  • Aerial Lift Bridge: Enjoy spectacular views from this historic lift bridge that was built over 100 years ago. This unique landmark connects two sections of the city; Park Point on one side and Canal Park on the other side.
  • Canal Park: Located near downtown Duluth by Lake Superior, this park has become a popular tourist attraction due to its scenic waterfront parks as well as many attractions, including shops, restaurants, museums and boat tours.
  • Glensheen Historic Estate: This property is an amazing example of late 19th-century architecture carved into 8 acres along Lake Superior. Visitors can explore 39 rooms within three floors, including intricate halls and numerous features such as circular staircases, imported fireplaces from Italy and original antiques from all over the world!


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