Dover (New Hampshire)

October 19, 2022

Dover is a city located in New Hampshire, Strafford county. The city has several river channels, both draining and feeding water through the city. The United States Census Bureau estimates that Dover has a total area of 75.2km2 and 6km2 of water. 

Dover had a population of 32,741 people in the 2020 census. The city is the largest one in New Hampshire’s seacoast region and the fifth largest within state borders.

Fun Facts:

  • Dover shares its name with a town in the southeastern part of England.
  • Dover in New Hampshire is located in Strafford County and is nicknamed The Garrison City.
  • The first group of settlers to explore Dover arrived in 1623.
  • The city received its name from its first governor Reverend George Burdett.
  • Reverend George Burdett gave the city its name in 1637. It’s believed that he named the city after Robert Dover, an English lawyer.
  • Dover first appears in recorded history as Portus Dubris. 
  • The word Dover has Brythonic derivatives that mean water.
  • The Cocheco river runs through Dover. It eventually joins the Piscataqua and is sometimes known as the black river.
  • Garrison Hill Tower is the tallest building in Dover. This structure is about 76 feet tall and is located on Garrison Hill.
  • The highest point in Dover, New Hampshire, is Long Hill which is 300 feet above sea level. This place is located just 5 miles northwest of the city center.
  • There is another town named Dover located in the United Kingdom.


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