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January 20, 2022

Did you know that Dili is the largest city in East Timor (or Timor Leste), a south Asian country? As the capital of East Timor, it’s the main commercial center and chief port in the nation. Whether you’re looking for the most memorable experiences or enjoying the monuments, statues, and other landmarks in the city, Dili has everything to make your staycation memorable. Here are a few activities and places to relish in Dili.

Snorkeling and Hiking at Atauro Island

Explore a world of untouched wilderness and enjoy the city’s finest island — Atauro island. Accessible by speedboat or ferry, this island is always visible from the city’s shores. With pristine beaches and multicolored coral leaves, Atauro island is a go spot for every adventurous person.

Climbing Cristo Rei

Cristo Rei is a historical landmark and one of the easily visible landmarks in Dili. It’s a must-visit statue of Jesus Christ erected in 1996. With a height of 27 meters, many people go for fun climbing and trekking up the mountains for more scenic views. If you’re looking for a blend of fantastic views, leisure climbing, and tempting resorts, do yourself a favor and visit Cristo Rei.

Enjoy Diving with Dugongs

Renowned for its pristine waters, Dili is surrounded by abundant marine and coral life. Any adrenaline junkie looking to have one of the most fun, daring, and breathtaking experiences beneath waves should consider the popular dive sites in the city. Here, you’ll get to enjoy diving next to dugongs, dolphins, and migratory whales. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, there are experienced and friendly instructors ready to guide you.

The Bottom Line?

Dili is a great town to visit, having many other fun activities and breathtaking places to visit. Get ready today for your Dili staycation.

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