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October 7, 2021


Located on the southeast coast of Spain, lies Denia, a small tourist city. With a population of about 40,000 during the winter, the population can more than double during the summer.

Key Attractions

  • One of the biggest draws for going to Denia is the beaches. With approximately 20 km. of coastline, the beach is divided into three separate parts: one sandy (better for kids), one rocky (better for diving) and the harbor.
  • Denia has an ancient history long before the Romans (it was then called Hemeroscopeion). There are ancient ruins everywhere in the town. There is even a castle that is in good shape available to see.
  • There are many spectacular views, including the old Javea windmills. The ethnological museum houses all the information needed about both the ancient and recent history of Denia, including the period when it had a huge toy industry and also exported raisins.
  • It is interesting to take a walk around the old fisherman neighborhood, the main street or a visit to the harbor.
  • Near the sea is a big mountain, Montgo. It is a nature reserve boasting beautiful flora and fauna. There are lots of caves to explore like Lacova de L’aigua.
  • Other fun rocky beach activities include snorkeling and scuba diving. There are all kinds of amazing Mediterranean Sea urchins, squids, octopuses and fish.
  • There are also specialized districts dedicated to entertainment, shopping and dining. Some restaurants specialize in fresh seafood such as squid, mussels and prawns.

Denia is a wonderful place to see showing off some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer.


  1. Jean Hines

    Thank you, Mr. Hogan

  2. Alison C Roth

    A few years back, a friend and I followed the trail to Denia using Penelope Casas’ travel book on Spain. We were on our way driving to Grenada and took a detour for lunch. We ended up at a little restaurant on the water in Denia where we had a four-hour lunch! It was spectacular — heavy on seafood, of course, and two bottles of wine with the restaurant’s own label. We were so full — and then they brought out a fruit platter for dessert. My friend burst out laughing! There was enough for a party a lot bigger than two! When we parted, they gave us each our own bottle of wine, I still have mine with their label. What a nice memory, so beautiful, so delicious.


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