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September 15, 2022

Delft is a city in Holland and one of the most visited places in the world. It is rich in political, historical, technological and artistic knowledge.

Delft had a humble beginning, starting as a rural town and growing into the city it is now; it has faced several downfalls, but currently, it enjoys European peace and tranquility.

Fun Facts:

  • The city of Delft gets its name from a canal (Delf) that existed near the area; delf means delve or dig. Partially because of this raised place, the city grew into one of the largest market towns in the Netherlands.
  • Delft is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands. It is affiliated with the House of Orange -Nassau, mainly because of the blue pottery.
  • The House of Orange, arguably the founders of Delft, had a traditional burying place for the family at Breda.
  • Delft started as a rural town, but because of the prosperity in the 12th Century, Count Willem II granted its city Charter.
  • A major fire destroyed a large part of the city of Delft in 1536.
  • In the 15th Century, the city of Delft was one of the most prosperous in Holland; during the Battle of Delft, the walls surrounding the city played a part in repelling the Spanish forces.
  • Delft became the de facto capital of Independent Netherlands after the Act of Abjuration in 1581.
  • Delft is usually considered a city of artists, the blue poetry by the House of Orange being the oldest evidence. Aside from that, many other artists were based in the city.
  • The thunderclap explosion in Delft is mainly remembered for the death of Carel Fabritius, a promising artist. Most of his work was destroyed.

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  1. vera Waisvisz

    I liked your article, but there is way more history to the city of Delft.


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