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December 27, 2022

Spain’s Canary Islands are home to 2.2 million people. They are made up of 8 main islands and numerous smaller islands and islets. On one of the Islands, Fuerteventura is a small, picturesque resort town called Corralejo. Corralejo is located on the island’s northern tip and faces the smaller islet of Lobos in La Oliva municipality. Corralejo is known for its menagerie of scenic views. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds Corralejo, with several beautiful white-sand beaches to visit. The city also offers spectacular scenic sand dunes that shift in the desert wind. On the western side of the island, visitors can catch a glimpse of the arid desert land of El Cotillo. 

Fun facts about Corralejo

  • The area where Corralejo’s resort is located in the same place where Gadifer de la Salle and his expedition first landed in 1402
  • Before its appearance on the world map, Corralejo was a humble fishing village.
  • The town experienced growth in tourism through the 2010s. Today the resort is serviced by bus on land and, of course, by boat on the ocean. The town has a taxi service for anyone looking to travel more conveniently, and several companies also offer ferry services connecting the island to other islands.
  • In 1975, La Oliva was home to just 2900 people. Today the region is home to 25,000 people. As expected, there is a surge in population each time summer comes as tourists trickle in from all parts of the world.
  • Visitors find the white sandy beaches the most appealing sight on the island.


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