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Concepción de la Madre

September 5, 2021

Situated near the mouth of the Biobio River, Concepción de la Madre is located in south-central Chile. The city was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1550 and is one of Chile’s largest cities. In 2017, the city’s population stood at 223,574. Due to its site advantages, the city has become a significant industrial and commercial center.

Concepción played a vital role in the process of independence of Chile. It has acquired a ‘college town’ reputation due to the many numerous educational institutions in the city.

Check out some of Concepción’s major must-see sights.

  • Universidad de Concepción. This is a traditional private university with breathtaking art pieces and stunning architecture. Some of the university’s most stunning murals feature Jorge Gonzalez Camarena’s work.
  • Campanile. Towering the dark pine trees, Campanile stands as a symbol of excellence and a sign of righteousness. It may seem like a simple bell tower, but the relevance it holds is immeasurable.
  • Parque Ecuador. Close to the heart of the city, Parque Ecuador is situated at the foot of Cerro Caracol. The sightseeing destination enables you to see various social, cultural, and historical landmarks.
  • Museo de Historia Natural. This is one of the most significant museums in Chile, featuring permanent exhibitions such as ‘The Collectors’ and ‘World of Fossils,’ among many.
  • Concepción Zoo. The zoo features about 290 species of living and breathing animals. It’s a beautiful place to bring your children and experience nature.

Filled with lush views and extensive culture, Concepcion is a fun-filled destination with many outdoor experiences worth indulging in.


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