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January 25, 2022

Southwestern France holds a hidden treasure in the city of Collioure on the Vermillion Coast. Situated along the Mediterranean near Spain’s border, the area boasts a spectacular coastline and coves just waiting to be explored. 

Here are a few Collioure must-sees to check off your list:

  • The 17th century Notre-Dame des Anges:  This beautiful church is on the water with a unique lighthouse bell tower displaying a striking pink dome.
  • The Château Royale de Collioure Castle: It was initially built in the 7th century but reconfigured and reimagined multiple times. Before being opened to the public, the last official use of the castle was in 1939 as a men’s prison.
  • Hiking: Tourists with a taste for hiking can venture up the steep trail to Fort St. Elme, a local private castle with breathtaking views from a bluff near the property.
  • La Moeré: The old quarter of the town has alleyways lined with local shops and restaurants to visit. The pastel-colored houses brighten up each street.
  • Collioure Sunsets: A stroll with a camera in hand will reap rich rewards in Collioure, especially at sunset. The colors and beauty of this city inspired well-known artists in the past, including Matisse and Picasso.

Collioure is not a tourist trap, but it does attract a lot of attention each year. Its popularity with visitors has to do with being a quaint destination off the beaten path. A visit here is worth the effort to enjoy the timeless beauty of this little jewel.


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