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Chur, Switzerland

July 23, 2021

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Chur is one of the most authentic and oldest cities in Switzerland. The city is located in eastern Switzerland and is the capital of the Graubunden canton. As of December 31, 2019, its population stood at 36,560. The car-free mountain city offers a surprisingly diverse range of cultural treasures, biodiversity, and authentic cuisine.

Despite being well preserved, Chur has been continuously renovated in the past 20 years and is free of traffic. The city is marked with red signs that help direct visitors to the most beautiful squares, sights, and alleys. Additionally, the city had introduced a City E-Guide to aid sightseeing and help visitors learn more about Graubunden’s capital history and culture.

Some of the city’s iconic sites and attractions among many include:

  • The Bernina Express: The train links Chur to Tirano in Italy and Poschiavo in Switzerland. It offers travelers a panoramic view of the top of the mountains, valleys, and lakes.
  • Bundner Kunstmuseum: The museum has a unique architectural design and features an impressive collection of Swiss artists’ work. Visitors are given free audio guides with informative contextual guides.
  • Giger Bar: Owned by the Oscar award-winning star, H.R. Giger, the bar is an homage to his creation of the ‘Alien’ and features alien-inspired decor and furniture.
  • Brambruesch: Helps you enjoy diverse views of the city from the mountain top. As you go higher, the view gets even better.
  • St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral: It is one of the many churches in Chur that features splendid architecture, painting, and work from the fifteenth century that is marked as a heritage site due to its historical significance.

For adventurers, travelers, and history lovers, Chur should have a place on your bucket list.


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