December 7, 2022

Chincoteague is a city on the Eastern shore of Virginia famous for its pony culture. It is an Island city almost cut away from the rest of America. Unlike other cities, it is not congested, does not have traffic jams and has a variety of tourist destinations.

Chincoteague Facts:

  • Did you know the movie Misty of Chincoteague was inspired by Chincoteague; it was based in a motel in the City and was inspired by the book Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry?
  • Chincoteague started as a fishing town; Marguerite’s movie grew popular until it reached its current tourist destination status.
  • In 1962, a winter storm resulted in the town being entirely covered by water; the residents had days without electricity.
  • The city has a population of about 3,300 people.
  • The ponies found in Chincoteague were said to be survivors of the Spanish galleon; it was a warship that was said to have sunk in 1750 on the way to Spain.

Chincoteague Major Attractions:

  • Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba – This is the most iconic and popular tourist attraction in Córdoba. The mosque was built in the 8th century, and it’s considered one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in the world.
  • Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs – This beautiful palace was built in the 13th century. It was originally built as a fortress but later converted into a royal residence.
  • Roman Bridge of Córdoba – This bridge was built in the 1st century AD and is one of the most famous landmarks in Córdoba. It spans over the River Guadalquivir and is a great place to take a walk or enjoy the views.
  • Palacio de Viana – This gorgeous palace was built in the 15th century. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Córdoba, and it’s worth a visit.
  • Plaza de la Corredera – This is one of the most popular squares in Córdoba. It’s a great place to people-watch, and there are often concerts and events held here.

There are plenty of things to see and do in this amazing city, so be sure to put it on your itinerary when planning a trip to Spain!


  1. Breeze (Brendan Long)

    So, there a Chincoteaque, VA and a town with the same name, located in Spain! The Spanish galleon is the connection?

  2. Susan Diederichsen

    i read all her books. this makes me want to read Chincoteague sp? again. will try to find a copy. Susan D.

  3. Clif

    You gave us he major attractions for Cordoba, Spain and not Chincoteague. Can you please do a follow up because I would love to know what else there is to do on the island besides look at the horses.


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