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January 24, 2022

Chichester, West Sussex, is an ancient town drawing roots from Roman civilization that built the six and a half feet tall walls around the city. The Romans also built the roads to London and Silchester. The Romans arrived at Chichester in 43AD and set up camp because the city was a strategic location close to France. In addition, the town was also occupied by the Anglo-Saxons in the past. 

Today Chichester is a cathedral city and happens to be the only city in West Sussex, England.

Interesting Features

  • Chichester boasts two central water bodies, Chichester Canal and River Lavant.
  • The Levant is a winterbourne; it only runs during winter and remains dry in the hot summer months.
  • It runs to the south of the city and remains hidden by city culverts in the town center.
  • It also hosts the Church of England Diocese of Chichester in a classic 12th-century cathedral.

Activities You Can Get Into

  • It may not seem like it, but Chichester is a great place to go shopping.
  • The city features wide streets that rarely get crowded, so you can expect to have lovely long walks in summer and autumn.
  • The Chichester canal was recently renovated and is open to tourists. If you’re looking to see some Roman remains, head to the Village of Fishbourne, where you will find a Roman palace.
  • The location is considered a museum and holds excellent national importance.
  • You cannot go far without walking past the Chichester Cathedral, which is worth visiting.
  • There are other buildings in the city center worth taking a look at, including the Pallant House and John Edes House.


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