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May 16, 2022

Chester is popular for many historical monuments, such as the magnificent medieval city walls. This county town of Cheshire’s roots can be dated back to ancient Roman times. Besides, the Danes, Vikings, Scots, Saxons, and Normans also occupied Chester at different times in history.

The greatest influence of Chester was between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries during its maritime trade along the River Dee. This trade offered Chester both cultural and commercial prosperity.

Top-Rated Attractions and Activities in Chester

  • Chester City Walls: Chester’s City Walls are built mostly of red sandstone. They follow the even older Roman walls but extend to the river to include the Chester Castle. The complete circuit is almost a two-mile walk that takes in the four main gates: Watergate, Bridgegate, Eastgate, and Northgate.
  • Historic Chester Rows: This old city has galleried walkways having multiple shops that run the length of the old stone and half-timbered buildings.
  • Chester Cathedral: It is built on a site dating from AD 958. It is always a good feeling visiting a historic holy site, especially if you are religious.
  • Chester Cathedral Choir: This Early Decorated Choir presents a magnificent building that deserves to be visited. This fourteenth-century masterpiece has stalls superbly carved, with an old abbott’s seat inscribed with the Tree of Jesse and 48 droll misericords.


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