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November 10, 2021

The sun can be enchanting in Chandler. The sand may feel great on your feet, the water refreshing to your skin, and the warmth relaxing for your entire being. Here are four places in town where you can experience all that nature has to offer:

#1 – San Marcos River

Indeed, who doesn’t want to spend their weekends or free time in a place with fresh air? One great place for this is the San Marcos River. Take your loved ones down there and enjoy boating, swimming, canoeing, and anything else you’d like.

#2 – Mesquite Groves

The city of Chandler isn’t all about business; it also has a lot to offer for leisure. Mesquite Groves is a nice spot in town, perfect for picnics and barbecues with your loved ones. Your family might even have the chance to go on a trail ride. There are also lots of good restaurants in town that you can visit later if you want.

#3 – Tom’s Thumb Trail

Tom’s Thumb Trail was named after Tom Culbertson, who owned much of the land where this trail is now located. This would be a great place to hike, which means getting away from all the noise and going back to nature. It’s also a great place to see local flora and fauna no one else will ever get to see but you. And if hiking isn’t your thing, there’s a drive-in movie theater in town just a few minutes away from here.

On your next visit back home in Chandler, make sure to check out these locations and relive the good days all over again!


  1. Gary

    Where is Chandler ??? I think you forgot to put that in.

    • A.T.

      I know there’s a Chandler, Arizona. Southeast side of Phoenix.

    • Margaret

      Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix metro

    • Mík-O

      I believe it’s in Arizona. But how ridiculous for such a worldly traveler or “digital nomad” to leave out such an important piece of info for her readers.

  2. Carol Barrett

    Yes, they did, is it in Arizona?

  3. Lovie Beird

    I noticed, also, that she didn’t include the location for Chandler. I googled Mesquite Groves in Chandler and it is located in Arizona.

  4. Tim

    I thought the same thing Gary. I was thinking Texas as I see one of the attractions as the
    San Marcos River which runs through Southeast Central Texas South of Austin and North of
    San Antonio. I then google it and it shows Chandler in Northeast Texas near lake Palestine with a little over 2,700 population. I am at a loss also. For such a hot shot writer, she left out one
    pertinent detail. Have a good day.

  5. Edward Hunsucker

    What state is chandler in?

  6. Dee


  7. Pauline Dansie

    What state is Chandler in???

  8. Pauline Dansie

    What state is Chandler in???
    Libby Sanchez, what do you do to travel all over the world? I want to be you. Or I could get to know you and then travel with you. All of friends are party poopers and don’t want to explore. Text me please

  9. Ashley

    Where the hell is Chandler???? Come on people. Stupid mistake. What state, country might it be in?

  10. Michael Almonte

    Gary ,

    The Only Chandler I’ve ever heard of is in Arizona just east of Phoenix.

  11. Kevin OBrien

    Good question Gary!

  12. Jim Moore


  13. Oscar

    Yes, where is Chandler?

  14. Rick Genett

    I going to take a guess? Chandler, AZ

  15. michael ott

    in san marcos texas

  16. george

    Chandler where ????

  17. Brenda

    Where is Chandler?

  18. Sandi

    Yes? thank you! Thinking the same thing.

  19. Cindy

    And you said four places to visit and listed only 3. (?)

  20. Connie Wanner

    I had to google it also. Texas.

  21. Judy Moore

    I was wondering too..

  22. Mike Miller

    It’s defiantly not Texas…It’s a craphole.

  23. Helen K Lowery

    This Chandler is in Texas, but indeed there is a Chandler AZ, which is very nice too. A Texan

  24. Chuck Maguire

    Looking at waterfront condos
    in Texas


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