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Český Krumlov

September 9, 2021

Make any European vacation more memorable with a trip to this picturesque village just south of Prague in the Czech Republic. Complete with numerous shopping locations and traditional dining options, Český Krumlov has something for everyone.

Take your significant other to an unforgettable romantic dinner or get away from the racket on a solo adventure. Bus lines run directly from Prague and other nearby capital cities.

To avoid the crowds of tourists, spend a night or two and venture out after sunset for a peaceful stroll back in time. Visitors can also find several quiet coffee shops to read a book about charming medieval, baroque and renaissance architecture.

Modern Amenities Available in Český Krumlov

  • Hotels with wifi
  • Vegetarian dining options
  • Fashionable clothing shops
  • Direct bus line to Prague and other close capital cities

Historical Activities Available in Český Krumlov

  • Traditional dining
  • Rafting on the Vltava River
  • Castle Tower
  • Pubs and Bakeries

The best way to experience this Czech gem is to cast aside any notions of pre-planning and simply get lost amongst the cobblestones. Catch a raft to a bakery. Breathe in the beautiful architecture and leave modern worries behind. However, if you find yourself missing a modern amenity or food choice, you will find them close at hand as well.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic adventure, a world traveler on a quest for new memories, or an artist looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in Český Krumlov. Just don’t forget your camera. You will want to take a lot of pictures.


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