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December 31, 2022

Quietly nestled in the northern part of Italy, specifically in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, lies the city of Castelrotto. Castelrotto, also known as Kastelruth, is surrounded by the majestic mountains of what is known as the Alpe di Siusi, which is considered to be the alpine valley with the highest elevation in all of Europe.

Because it was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Castelrotto can’t deny its Germanic influence, with over 80 percent of its population speaking German and only less than four percent speaking Italian as their first language. Additionally, the Germanic roots of Castelrotto are apparent in its cuisine, architecture, and local traditions. This is also the reason why Castelrotto is also known as Kastelruth, the Germanic transliteration of its name.

Castelrotto is a haven for winter vacationists who are looking for a quiet location with beautiful views, a variety of accommodations, and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Castelrotto is the birthplace of several notable personalities, including Peter Fill, a World Cup alpine ski racer, and historian Leo Santifaller. Because of its breathtaking views, delightful food, and old-world charm, Castelrotto is a place all visitors enjoy!

Castelrotto Facts:

  • Castelrotto has a population of approximately 8,000 residents.
  • The town covers an area of 45.5 square miles.
  • German, Italian, and Ladin are the prevalent languages in the area.
  • Castelrotto is located about 12 miles to the northeast of Bolzano and is accessible by public transportation.

Castelrotto Main Attractions:

  • Parco Naturale Sciliar-Catinaccio – Bordering the Alpe di Siusi, this beautiful location offers a wide array of trails, lakes, and stunning mountain scenery that visitors can enjoy.
  • Castelrotto’s Town Square – Charming and quaint, this old world town square is bordered by a gorgeous church and bell tower.

Pflegerhof Herbal Farm – This organic herbal farm allows visitors to walk among the different flower plots and purchase a large variety of herbal teas and beverages in their store.

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  1. Geraldo Giuseppe Romaniello-Napoleone

    Looks Beautiful and Being Italian with a Austrian Princess Wife this goes on My Bucket List!! Best of Health 2023 Geraldo


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