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September 20, 2022

Nestled quietly on the central coast of the state of California, Carpintería is a haven for surfers that adopted the "World's Safest Beach" moniker in 1912, a distinction that the city still boasts of today.


Carpintería was discovered by Spanish explorers in 1769, who found a large village in the area where the city is located today. A Franciscan friar who traveled with the expedition found some pitch springs near their encampment where a group of natives was building a canoe. That is how the settlement got its current name, which in Spanish means "the carpentry shop." The natives used the asphalt from the springs to seal and waterproof their canoes, which in the Chumash language were called "Tomols." Today, these petroleum pits can still be seen at Tar Pits Park.

Carpintería Today

Since 1987, Carpintería has been proud to be the host of the annual California Avocado Festival, which takes place over three days at the beginning of October every year. The festival is a wonderful opportunity for its 80,000 visitors to try various avocado products and other locally produced goods. Additionally, Carpintería is the headquarters for Pete's Living, which uses greenhouses to grow only certified organic produce using modern hydroponic methods. Carpintería has also become a prime location for the establishment of different software companies, including ProCore technologies.

Carpintería also boasts some of the most beautiful coastal areas of California, which attract a variety of marine animals from December to May every year, including seals, sea lions, and gray whales. It is not uncommon to find tide pools teeming with life, containing starfish, anemones, snails, sea urchins, and even the occasional octopus. Because of its beauty and other interesting sites, Carpintería is a must-visit location on any traveler's bucket list.


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  1. Joan rowland

    I have been to carpinteria and it has always been my favorite coastal California city. Definitely a must on anyone’s bucket list.


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