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December 28, 2021

Carcassonne is a city in southeastern France. It’s one of the larger cities for landmass at twenty-five square miles as it incorporates some spectacular building preservation for the fortified city.

A Border City

Carcassonne’s history as a geographical location where people settled and lived stretches back to about 3,500 BCE. Much of the history revolves around border disputes.

Strategic Location

  • The city’s location made it strategic because both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea are easily accessible.
  • The strategic location was made even greater by a hill that the Romans occupied in 100 BCE. At this point, the area had the name Carsac, which in turn became Carcassonne.

Occupation and Expulsion

  • Carcassonne was once owned and run by the Visigoths who had taken the areas from the Romans. However, a crusading army liberated the city and made everyone leave with just their clothes.
  • France took control of the region for its kingdom in 1247.

Modern Carcassonne

  • Tourism is a major part of the city’s income, mainly because of the Fortified City, an ancient part of Carcassonne that has been preserved. The city has a modern infrastructure complete with an airport and a train depot.
  • Carcassonne is subtropical, which means the humidity can be oppressive. In the summer it gets very hot.
  • Its proximity to water makes the area prone to storms, which can flood parts of the area.
  • Carcassonne was the start and finish point of the 2021 Tour de France (TDF) and where Cavendish tied the record for most TDF wins.


  1. William Bennett

    I have often thought of this town as a travel destination. What time of year is the best time to go there?

  2. bruce weidenhammer

    awesome–beautiful–medieval–charming. Stayed several days–loved Carcassone

  3. Jennifer Hereford

    Carcassonne is magical in the evening!!

  4. Judy Sughrue

    My sister had the same problem. she took anxiety medicine because she wanted to go to Ireland each year. I should tell you that the medicine made her so happy that she entertained all the passengers many of whom she ran into in Ireland. She did not remembered not recall them. Thanks for the info. How about Dublin?


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