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February 27, 2022

Carbonia is a town in South Sardinia, Sardinia, Italy. It is an upcoming tourist attraction that is worth a visit. You may have not even heard of Carbonia as it’s not as popular as the other Italian cities, but here are some wonderful places to visit.

1. Museo del Carbone

If you and your family are into history, this museum/underground mine tour is for you. Museo del Carbone is a museum that lets you look into what the miner’s life was like years ago. An underground mine tour is also available, and there are English-speaking guides that can go with you for the tour.

2. Visit Parco Archeologico di Monte Sirai

This is another historical site that should be on the list to visit. It has breathtaking views that you and your family can take in. There are photo opportunities that can be taken here, and you can take a tour around the area, especially into the tomb.

3. Pitosforo Art Music Bar

If you want a break from the museums and archeological sites, this art music bar is very popular in Carbonia. You get to mingle with the locals and experience:

  • Live music from local bands
  • Nightclub experience with a live DJ

4. Lu’ Hotel Wellness & Beauty

After a long day of learning about the history of Carbonia and being underground in the mines, perhaps you want to relax. It’s in a silent area where you can use the fitness center and all the spa services they offer.


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