January 6, 2022

Canterbury is an ancient city in the UK that is adorned with beauty and popular tourist attractions. The city was a pilgrimage site back in the Middle Ages. Discover West Gate Gardens, Canterbury Cathedrals, ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey, historical rivers, and the wild animal ark.

The city is also home to the head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Here are some incredible places for you to visit.

1. Howletts Wild Animal Park

The park is ideal for you if you enjoy animal challenges. Let your family have fun as they watch a variety of wild animals. You’ll find animals like Snow leopards, tigers, elephant herds, and gorillas in the park.

The park’s Treetop will give you unforgettable, unique, and exciting memories. Please don’t miss out on the excitement.

2. Canterbury Cathedral

Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered at the Cathedral in 1170. Canterbury Cathedral is the mother church of Anglican Communities and one of the country’s oldest church structures. The architectural style and designs are magnificent and breath-taking.

Buy souvenirs at the Cathedral’s shop.

3. St. Augustine’s Abbey

Historical buildings like St. Augustine’s Abbey give Canterbury a special significance. In the founding year, 598, it was the only place of worship. Now you have the privilege to visit and explore the brimming site.

Visit the sites where the previous archbishops are buried. Kids are allowed to have fun as they don a monk’s habit.

Other sites to check are:

  • Old City Canterbury
  • House of Art and Knowledge
  • Dane John Gardens

Canterbury is a family-friendly city with good restaurants.


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