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December 9, 2022

Camden Town embraces counter culture, offering a unique version of London street life. Founded in 1791, Camden is famous for having multiple pubs and bars and some of Europe’s most vibrant live music venues. The town also has a sprawling cluster of markets and shops. And it’s popular among tourists, teenagers, and punks. 

City Highlights

During the day, the town has a buzzing atmosphere, and it’s always a great experience to take a leisurely walk along the streets while meeting a mix of local and international tourists. But when the sun sets, the town experiences a thriving nightlife scene. You can enjoy live performances at the Roundhouse and the Jazz Cafe and live music in old-school pubs or alternative clubs. You can also visit the nearby Regent’s Park with the London Zoo and neat, formal gardens. 

The Camden market is vibrant and offers something for everyone. Hundreds of street stalls with a huge selection of foods and cuisines worldwide exist. Whether you prefer traditional British fish and chips or Indian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed by Camden’s hospitality. 

Fun Facts:

  • Camden has a population of 24,538 people. 
  • The town was named after the 1st Earl of Camden, Charles Pratt. 
  • Camden is famous for offering an unforgettable shopping experience in London, with its multiple high-street shops, pop-up retailers, and street markets. Camden Market can receive up to 100,000 visitors every weekend. 
  • Former Olympic sprinter June Foulds opened the first food stall in Camden in 1974. 
  • The Camden area has over 24,000 shop outlets that generate £1.2 billion in revenue for Camden. 
  • In recent years, Camden markets have caught fire twice.


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