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Cala d’Or

November 9, 2021

What is Cala d’Or?

Known as the “Golden Bay,” Cala d’Or is a village inside of Spain with many tourist attractions. It is famous for some historical places, such as the 18th century Es Forti, which was once a military fort that’s located along the coastal area. Yet the resort has its own charm, most notably the series of two-story whitewashed buildings which were heavily influenced by one of the Balearic Islands known as Ibiza.

 Other Features of the Cala d’Or Village

Despite its penchant for the various yacht clubs, which are a major chunk of its local life, Cala d’Or has other amazing features to it. Visitors can enjoy hot items such as the local nature reserve, otherwise known as the Parc Natural de Mondrago. The site gives visitors a taste of Spain’s local wildlife. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing afternoon stroll along the brilliant green bay waters or take a long hike on the reserve’s breathtaking trails.

What Are Some of the Top Attractions for Tourists?

Tourists traveling to Cala d’Or enjoy several attractions every year. Some of them include:

  • Small, scenic coves along the village seacoast.
  • The iconic “mini-train” that takes you along the village back roads.
  • The village’s many beaches where locals and visitors alike gather and socialize.

Yet, there are other vital landmarks in the area that have withstood the test of time, thus coming into their latest incarnation as popular attractions. You can uncover the hidden monasteries of the Randa mountain, explore the medieval wonders of Castell de Santueri, or rent a bicycle and ride the bike trails. Your vacation is yours to enjoy.


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