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May 1, 2022

Caen is a commune in the North-Western part of France. It is located 200 kilometers North-West of Paris. The area stands out because it is physically central in the Northern region. It is connected to south England by a Ferry route going from Caen to Portsmouth. You can also travel by rail, road or air. Caen supports the Normandy region by providing political, economic, and cultural growth space. Most tourists love Caen for its amazing architecture and culture; this is why Caen is considered the archetype of Normandy. Most of its buildings are from the reign of William the Conqueror who remains buried in the metropolitan area.

Tourists can visit the castle Chateau de Caen which was built around 1060. William the Conqueror ruled England from 1066 after commissioning and overseeing the construction of the castle. He intended the castle to be a fortress, the best in Western Europe. Other structures built by William the Conqueror include the abbeys, Eglise St Etienne and Eglise de la Ste. Trinite. They were built as an apology for marrying his cousin Mathilda of Flanders. The church considered this act sinful.

If you visit Caen today, you should also go by the Mondeville 2 shopping center and the Parc Festyland amusement park. These two places attract both locals and tourists as they offer entertainment and supplies for the whole family. If you are a nature-loving person you should give Jardin Botanique de Caen a tour. The botanical garden has a variety of plants and flowers that will awe any viewer.

In terms of education, Caen has the University of Caen to offer higher education for any interested applicants. You can also try the campus of business Ecole de Management de Normandie for business-related courses.


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