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September 3, 2021

Bremen is a famous city in Germany situated on the Weser River, some 70 km from the North Sea. The city of about 566,000 residents is a well-known prime cultural and economic hub boasting one of the largest ports of Germany and the well preserved historical locales in Europe.

Every winter, Bremen hosts an iconic traditional Samba festival similar to Samba festivals in Brazil. During the summer months, the Breminale music festival attracts the biggest number of visitors in Germany.

Check out some of the iconic places to check out during your visit to the city.

  • Schnoor Quarter. Schnoor Quarter is undoubtedly Bremen’s oldest neighborhood offering the best relaxation spots. Nestled on the banks of the Weser River and next to the Market Square, Schnoor Quarter boasts iconic narrow cobblestoned lanes providing access to the excellently preserved 15th-century buildings. Taking a walk in the vintage scenery is nothing but breathtaking. You can take photos of precious arts and craft scenes in clothing shops or take a refreshing drink in the neighborhood’s exceptional cafes and restaurants.
  • Bremen Cathedral. Bremen Cathedral was initially built in the 8th century. It has since been demolished and rebuilt several times. The cathedral blends Romanesque and Gothic architectural style and Neo-Byzantine paintings that take you back into the past. Climb up to the top of a majestic church to enjoy an exceptional view of Bremen and snap away some memorable pictures.
  • Das Viertel. Das Viertel district is an unpretentious neighborhood that offers a laid-back Bohemian atmosphere. The district is located east of the Old Town and boasts iconic architectural buildings with interesting boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Popularly known as “the cultural mile,” Das Viertel also hosts Bremen’s premier theatre and three museums specializing in European Middle Ages paintings, contemporary sculpture, and design. Visit Das Viertel cultural mile to enjoy quaint boutiques and cafés.
  • Weser River. A visit to Bremen will not be complete without a boat ride on the Weser River. You can cruise through Lower Saxony and enjoy a short tour of Schlachte Embankment and Bremen’s docks, hosting the city’s biggest industrial parks. You can also detour to other places such as Bremen’s seaside resort on the Baltic Sea or take a relaxing boat tour to the serene countryside of Northwest Germany.

If you are planning a journey to Germany, make sure you make a stop at Bremen and sample her iconic historical attractions and the best culinary spots. Home to several historical landmarks and museums, beautiful parks, industrial corporations, and universities, Bremen is a multifaceted city with something for every visitor.


  1. Carolyn Loyce Plinsky Hansen

    My Grandfather, Albert Plinsky, was born and raised in Bremen, Germany before coming to the United States, apparently to Baltimore, as that is where he met and married my Grandmother Rosalie Bohl. She passed away 19 years before I was born and he 11 years prior to my birth. I am the youngest grandchild by at least 9 1/2 years.

  2. Ron Spooner

    Bremen: a beautiful city and the home of coffee hag


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