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January 8, 2023

Braunschweig, also called Brunswick, is a German city near Cremlingen and Vechelde. It lies on the Oker River and was founded by Henry the Lion and the Duke of Saxony. 

Braunschweig is particularly known for its tasty sausages, asparagus, and gingerbread. The city is one of the highest-producing sugar markets in all of Germany. If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t have to look very far when traveling here!

Fun Facts: 

  • Despite common beliefs, Braunschweig was never a part of Prussia. It didn’t even join the North German Confederation until 1866 and didn’t become part of the German empire until 1871.
  • The English meaning of Braunschweig is smoked liver sausage. This proves just how popular the sausage produced by this region of Germany is!
  • Today, the major industries in Braunschweig are metalworking, microelectronics, and biotechnology.
  • The current population of the town of Braunschweig is roughly 250,000.


  • Burgplatz: This town square is full of historic buildings, including the Dankwarderode castle, the guildhall and a row of timber-framed houses. You’ll also find the symbol of the city—the Brunswick Lion. 
  • Dankwarderode Castle: The Dankwarderode Castle was originally the 12th Century seat for Duke Henry the Lion. The original building was damaged as the city grew but has since been renovated to illuminate the Romanesque architecture. 
  • Happy Rizzi House: This unique house is the work of American pop artist James Rizzi. It was constructed with nine connected blocks and plastered with colorful cartoons. 

Braunschweig offers everything you could want in a town—tasty treats, breathtaking views, a rich history, and vibrant nightlife. If you find yourself in Germany, be sure to add Braunschweig to your list!


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