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August 5, 2021


Blois is a historic city that lies in the Loire Valley along the Loire river. Home to some of the most ancient architecture, Blois is a staple to France’s extensive history.

Architectural Sights

Castles are a common sight in France, and perhaps one of the most exciting features of visiting Blois is the exploration of these ancient buildings. Some of the most famous castles in France are located within proximity to Blois, including Château de Cheverny and Château de Chambord. However, some say the most exciting castle lies right in Blois.

The Château Royal de Blois is a sizable castle-like manor resting at the top of the town of Blois. The château’s architecture remains a popular tourist attraction due to its unique architecture. It mirrors four different eras in history, including; medieval times, the gothic era, the renaissance and the classical era.

Beautiful gardens are scattered around Blois, and many can be viewed from the Château.

Blois Dining

Many who visit Blois rave about the extensive menu the town has to offer. Some favorite restaurants of tourists and locals include;

  1. L’Orangerie du Château- Located within the Château Royal de Blois, this restaurant is adjacent to the renaissance wing and holds a gorgeous view of the surrounding castle and courtyard.
  2. Le Castelet- A tasty European restaurant that offers a wide variety of vegetarian and dietary-restriction-friendly meals. They are pet friendly in this restaurant, so feel free to bring your furry friend.

Blois is a gorgeous piece of history, and so much of it still exists today for all to explore and enjoy.

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