August 16, 2022

Today's spot of the day is a city that has been around since the medieval era. The town dates back to 575 BC, although it has been occupied since the Neolithic time. Béziers is located in the southern parts of France, with a population of about 77,177 people as of 2017.

Fun Facts

  • Béziers underwent a massacre targeting Cathars during the 1209 Albigensian Crusade authorized by Pope Innocent III.
  • People from Béziers are referred to as Biterrois.
  • Béziers is famous for its annual five-day bullfighting event dubbed the Feria de Béziers.
  • The town is located along the river Orb just a few Kilometers from the Mediterranean coast.

Béziers's attractions

  • The Saint Nazaire Cathedral is the perfect example of gothic architecture constructed in the 14th century. The tallest part of the church reaches 50m. Architects build the church on a picturesque site leaving the church visible from afar.
  • The fine arts museum was founded in 1859 and holds the drawings and art collection of Jean Moulin for display. Among the many trinkets on display in the museum include canvases by Henri Goetz, Hans Holbein and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • The Le Pont Vieux is a stone bridge that affords tourists great views. It crosses the Orb. Its beauty comes second to the Canal du Midi.


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