February 20, 2023

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, with a population of around 277,000. It is located on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by seven mountains, and has one of the world’s longest fjords extending up to the city center. It is home to some unique cuisine, culture, and attractions that make it worth visiting.

Bergen is a vibrant city located in western Norway with a population estimated at 277,000 people, according to 2019 census estimates. It has an area of 454 km2, making it one of the largest cities in Norway by land area coverage.

Fun Facts

  • During WWII, it was known as the “breadbasket” of Norway due to its location near supplies of grain!
  • Bergen is the birthplace of composer Edvard Grieg, and his home Troldhaugen is now a museum and concert venue that attracts visitors from all over the world.
  • The city also has its own local currency, known as Bergenspenger or BRG, which is accepted in many shops around town.
  • Bergen has a long tradition of wooden boatbuilding, and you can spot traditional wooden boats along the waterfront.
  • Bergen has an active music scene, with annual festivals like the Bergenfest and Ultima Festival drawing crowds yearly.

Key Buildings & Attractions

Bryggen – This UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 14th century, is one of the most popular attractions in Bergen. It consists of wooden buildings along narrow alleys, which have been preserved throughout history, making it an excellent place for visitors looking for a glimpse into the past!

Fløibanen Funicular – If you want to get some stunning views over the city, then take this funicular railway up Mount Fløyen! Enjoy panoramic views over Bergen as you reach the summit, or look out for wild reindeer on your journey down after exploring all kinds of trails around this spectacular mountain!

Fantoft Stave Church – Constructed in 1883, this stave church is an iconic part of Bergen’s skyline and is believed to have been built using parts salvaged from other churches destroyed by fire during medieval times. Take some time out to explore its intricate woodwork carvings inside, or just marvel at its architecture from the outside!


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