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November 4, 2022

Bellingham is a city in the US in the state of Washington; it is located on the shores of Bellingham Bay, hence its name. The history of Bellingham indicates that it is the native home to the Coast Salish people. One of the memorable things about Bellingham is the sense of community exhibited by the residents.

Fun Facts:

  • In 1792, one George Vancouver named Bellingham after Bellingham Bay during the organized Vancouver expedition.
  • Coal mining and Lumbering are some of the common economic activities in Bellingham. Other activities include agricultural and fishing ventures.
  • Bellingham Bay is protected by the Portage and Lummi Islands.
  • The Ski to Sea event is a popular competition held in Bellingham every Memorial Day Weekend; it is a seven-legged 150 km race.
  • Citizens of Bellingham are treated to monthly gallery walks where they tour the historic building in the city.
  • The city of Bellingham is redeveloping more than 100 ha of the former Bellingham Waterfront Industrial land.
  • Bellingham is the most populated city in the state of Washington; it is home to more than 90,000 people.


  1. Susan Diederichsen

    I went ti boarding school in Tacoma Washington near Bellingham in the ‘60’s. My favorite thing was that we got to go skiing on wkends.. mts short drive away. and i was there for the world’s fair!!! some of it still exists i’ve heard but think it costs a fortune to enter.

  2. Alvaro Pena

    Sounds like a fun city but is it really the most populated city in the state of Washington with only 90,000 people or is that a typo?


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