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Baton Rouge

December 29, 2021

Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana and the center of all things. Baton Rouge is a port on the Mississippi River in Louisiana’s southeast-central region. This location is the ideal place to experience the culture of Louisiana since it is located in a good, central position about an hour away from New Orleans and Lafayette.

Politics is profoundly ingrained in Baton Rouge culture; it may be found both in the historic past of local lawmakers, as shown in the Old Louisiana State Capitol, and in the political history being created today inside the art deco tower that serves as the current capitol.

Baton Rouge Facts

  • Baton Rouge means “Red Stick” in French.
  • There have been seven governments in Baton Rouge: French, Spanish, English, West Louisiana, Floridian, Confederate, and American.
  • In 1810, Baton Rouge was an independent republic for 74 days.
  • The State Capital Building in Baton Rouge is the country’s tallest.

If you’re looking for an action-packed vacation destination, Baton Rouge is the place to go. Old plantation mansions, historic government buildings, the residences of past politicians, museums, all of which have a rich history and stunning architecture. Seeing the area’s Civil War relics will bring history to life.

Performing arts centers coexist alongside riverfront casinos, Cajun-Creole restaurants, and bustling nightclubs to provide a diverse collection of things for visitors to enjoy.

Here’s a taste of what the city has to offer:

  • Greater Baton Rouge Zoo.
  • Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.
  • The Louisiana Arts & Science Museum.
  • The Old State Capitol Center for Political and Governmental History.
  • Shaw Center for the Arts.
  • S.S. Kidd and Nautical Center.
  • Blue Bayou Water Park.
  • Dixie Landin’ Amusement Park.
  • Argosy Casino/Belle of Baton Rouge.


  1. Mark Nolting

    Sightseeing is a wonderful profession. COntinue you travels with the Lord’s Blessings and keep us well informed. Many thanks from another world traveler!

  2. Pandora box

    One of the most aspect that I found out about Baton Rouge that need to be known as a fact from residents who were born and raised up in this city is, the CITY IS allegedly mostly FILLED WITH ignorant, RACIST, simple minded, WHITE FOLKS THAT WORK IN PUBLIC OFFICES LIKE their Police department. It has been reported that they will discriminate against black people, falsely accuse them of committing a crime, / or breaking the law and violate their civil rights and happily use the N/ word when communicating with a black especially if they are a male. plus hate black music like rap and the successful Rappers that were born and raised there. Bottomline, why on Earth would people want to visit a divided city, that swamp land thrives off of racism, injustice, and not treating all men equal. Once those people change their lower than a worm, generational curse mindset, that was handed down from their lazy, hell bound, uneducated inbred white ancestral. and those white refugees let go of their horrible upbringing, and open themselves up to the true reality that black folks played an important role in that city history, help build that place, alongside of that most blacks are very intelligent, educated, and talented, hard workers- they don’t all look the same, unlike whites whom mostly all look identical, and copy off each other, they need to stop saying black folks look like monkeys, that have hair that is straight not curly hair covering their bodies, behavior wise whites have bad attitudes, that clearly show their savage beast , unlawful, die heart demonic way of life and in general horrible up bringing, I would be Surprise to hear that very few whites within that city you may cross paths with are so out of the box different , meaning wonderful people .that will treat others outside their group the way they would want to be treated. IF you going to talk about a place please don’t leave out, the most important part regarding that city and most of the horrible white racist residents that live there, so blacks can fully be made aware and know for a fact they are looked at as less then livestock and know without a shadow of a doubt what they have got themselves into, when visiting that swamp land filled with pure racism, plus allegeable filled with a dreadful, unimaginable pitiful poor history.


      Wow racist much

  3. Will Colebank

    Baton Rouge! I love it there! The French Quarter, the accent of the native people. The app Boy sandwiches! Mmmmm I miss Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Fresh shucked oysters $2.95 a dozen! Wow the smells of Cajun cooking makes me so hungry!


    The waterfront is amazing if you are familiar with the Baltimore waterfront then you will surely enjoy it. Just recently they did an actual reenactment of the attack on the USS Kidd and even more recently it was the filming site for a Tom Hanks movie based on the true story called Greyhound. It was about the largest Naval battle in WWII known as the Battle of the Atlantic.


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