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Axamer Lizum

February 6, 2023

Axamer Lizum is a small mountain village in the Austrian Alps. Located near Innsbruck, this quaint hamlet offers visitors breathtaking natural beauty as well as plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. 

The village lies at the foothills of the Nordkette mountain range, which gives it a unique setting that is surrounded by lush alpine forests and high peaks. Axamer Lizum is home to around 1,400 people. 

The local cuisine in Axamer Lizum reflects its Tyrolean roots; hearty soups and stews are common here, along with dishes made from locally sourced meats such as pork, beef and venison. Traditional pastries are also popular, particularly those made from apples – candy apple strudel is a particular favorite!

Fun Facts:

  • Axamer Lizum hosts one of Austria’s longest zip lines – 1175 meters long!
  • It’s home to one of Europe’s largest ski resorts – Ski-Lizum. 
  • Every year on December 31st, locals celebrate Silvester – a traditional Tyrolean festival that ends with fireworks over the mountain range.
  • Local legend says that “the Witch of Axamer Lizum” still lives somewhere in the woods surrounding the village.
  • Axamer Lizum is home to several factories that produce agricultural equipment and electronics for export throughout Europe. 


Axamer Lizum is home to many historical buildings, some of which date back centuries. Here’s a look at some of the key buildings you should check out when visiting this Tyrolean village. 

  • Wallernhaus: Built in 1636, the Wallernhaus is an old farmhouse that now serves as both a restaurant and a bed & breakfast. Its interiors are decorated with traditional Tyrolean furnishings, giving it a cozy, rustic charm. It’s also a great place to sample the local cuisine!
  • Sonnenalm Lift Ski Lift: The Sonnenalm Lift Ski Lift provides access to some of the best ski slopes in Austria. With over 10 kilometers of groomed trails and some of the most stunning views of the Alps, this lift offers an unforgettable skiing experience for all levels!
  • Radbrunnen Church: Built in the 17th century, Radbrunnen Church is one of Axamer Lizum’s oldest churches. Featuring baroque architecture and stained glass windows, this church is truly a sight to behold. It also holds regular services such as Sunday Mass and special occasions like Christmas Eve.
  • Zellerhutte Chapel: Zellerhutte Chapel is another example of traditional Tyrolean architecture. Built in 1711, it has intricate wood carvings on its facade as well as beautiful frescoes inside – making it a must-see attraction when visiting Axamer Lizum!
  • Erlebniswelt Nature Park: The Erlebniswelt Nature Park is an idyllic spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, or simply soaking up the beauty of nature around you. With breathtaking views of the mountains from every angle, it’s easy to see why so many people come here for peace and relaxation!


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