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December 7, 2021

Asmara is a city with many interesting and delightful daily spots. If you are looking for something to do or admire, whether it be during your lunch break or even if you have some time to kill, here is a list of four cool places you can visit.

1. Africa Unity Square

It has an obelisk that was erected on the occasion of the 10th anniversary (1936) and one column for each year thereafter. The square also features fountains, flower beds, and flag posts as well, along with palm trees lining its periphery. It serves as a popular site for outdoor events such as concerts and other gatherings as it provides ample space.

2. Asmara Heritage Project

This project was established in order to help maintain Asmara’s rich heritage buildings, which are slowly deteriorating due to the city’s rapid growth and urbanization. Slowly but surely, these buildings that have survived war, famine, and time itself will be protected as a valuable asset of Eritrea’s history.

3. Maitatsine Grounds

It is a place where people from all walks of life gather to have fun and enjoy themselves. The space offers children, especially the younger ones, rides such as slides and swings. In addition, there are food carts that sell snacks at affordable prices for those who get hungry while playing around here. There’s even a barbeque going on in case you want to have a full course meal outdoors under the Eritrean sun.

4. Yohannes IV Statue

It was erected to commemorate the Emperor’s 18th birthday. The statue was commissioned by his uncle, Dejazmatch Tesfie Yohannes, and completed in 1911 by the Italian sculptor Alessandro Morandi who was responsible for creating other statues found throughout Africa.

The best way to experience the beautiful architecture of Asmara is by walking around and exploring. There are many different styles of buildings, from Italian villas-inspired homes to grand Soviet-style government buildings that have been abandoned for decades. Take a walk through town and explore all four spots.


  1. Mussie

    Good condition everything working asmerino

  2. Selam

    Wow thank you for introducing city like Asmara, am impressed ????


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