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January 10, 2023

Throughout much of Brazil and South America, visitors find monuments of architecture that look like they belong in Europe. These are cathedrals and other Spanish and Portuguese buildings erected to govern huge regions of unconquered territory. 

This was the case with present-day Aracaju, which was originally called Santo Antônio de Aracaju in 1699. Close to ocean and river access, the village’s location was ideal for food gathering and trading with locals. It was located at the mouth of the Sergipe River but was later moved forever to its present location.

Like much of South America’s urban centers, Aracaju, Brazil, is a developed region with modern conveniences, starkly contrasting to the small fishing village it used to be. 

Fun Facts: 

  • Aracaju is the capital of Sergipe, Brazil, where about 650,000 people live.
  • Around two-thirds of the population of Sergipe lives in the capital city.
  • The original location was founded by João Mulato, a local native of status.
  • The city is hot and humid, with the wettest months being March through August.
  • Santa Luzia is the most popular beach in Aracaju.
  • Aracaju is a smashing of two things together. Ara means macaw, and caju means cashew. Both macaws and cashew trees are abundant in Aracaju.


  • Museum Sergipana People Gov. Marcelo Deda: A 1920’s palace was converted into a family-friendly museum with state-of-the-art and hands-on displays. You’ll learn about Sergipe’s cultural heritage, customs, and literature. 
  • Crab Catwalk: This bustling area features eateries and bars with great water views. Be sure to take a picture with the sidewalk crab statue. 
  • São Francisco Square: This historic plaza dates back to the 17th century and showcases the Spanish colonial style mixed with Portuguese Franciscan architecture. Popular sites in the square include the Church and Convent of Santa Cruz, the Provincial Palace, and the Misericórdia Hospital and Church.


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