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October 30, 2021

Aosta is a city in northern Italy. It has an extensive set of Roman remains, some dating to the first century BC. All of the remains are included in a single UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you find yourself in Aosta, here are three top things to do and see. 

1. Visit A Castle

The castle was built around 1220 by Guido of Poncarale. At that time, it had cylindrical towers on each corner connected by high stone walls with a wide moat running along with them. In 1425 the castle was occupied by the condottiero Francesco I Della Scala, who expanded it to its present layout. The current appearance is from the restructuring of 1549-1550 by Bernardino Bison, which gave it a pentagonal plan with two cylindrical corner towers.

2. Check Out Cattedrale di Sant’Anselmo d’Aosta

The Cathedral of St. Anselm is a Roman Catholic church in Aosta, north-western Italy. The church was built around the year 1000 but later underwent some modifications, especially during the Gothic period, which are still visible today. It took on its current appearance during the 17th-century refurbishments, which included the addition of marble altars and decoration by artists such as Vittorio Avondo, Giuseppe Porta, and Camillo Rusconi.

3. Make A Stop At The Roman Theater

The Roman Theater is situated between Aosta and Verrès – it can be viewed on the road connecting the two towns – on the right of the Dora Baltea stream. The structure was built during Roman times but went through modifications in later years. For example, after an earthquake in 1690, it took on its present appearance with some facade changes and some repairs to damage caused by further earthquakes. It is currently used for theatrical performances outside the summer tourist season.

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  1. Sonja Duray

    James, thank you for these beautiful pictures and I’m assuming aerophobia is a fear of flying. Then why not take a cruise to Europe? I’ve been to Italy 3 times (also cruised) and just love that country. Question: What major city is Aosta near? Possibly Milan?
    Sonja Duray


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