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Ann Arbor

October 16, 2021

When we think of Ann Arbor, we often think of the University of Michigan and its sports teams. From the U-M football games and hockey tickets to any given Saturday in the fall, it’s safe to say there is no shortage of things to do when you live in Ann Arbor. However, if you’re willing to get off campus and explore downtown Ann Arbor (or Campus), here are four places that will give you a different perspective on our city:

1. Tastee

Some people say that if you’re not drinking bloodies at Tasty Tavern by 10:00 am; then you’re doing something wrong. But even if early drinking isn’t your thing, the bar provides an excellent atmosphere for friends and food alike throughout until late afternoon/early evening. Don’t forget about their free weekend brunch, either.

2. La Marsa

This Mediterranean cafe is the perfect place to get a quick falafel when you’re in a rush or want something easy and healthy. With its excellent location downtown and simple yet modern decoration, it’s no wonder why La Marsa has such an extensive take-out business on top of its already popular dine-in service.

3. Louie’s Cafe

Located at 2020 Packard St., on the corner of Packard and Kingsley, this small “mom and pop” restaurant oozes charm from its old-fashioned exterior to its vintage interior décor. Since opening 50 years ago as a Greek diner called “Louie’s,” it has become a popular destination for those looking for authentic Mediterranean food in an inviting atmosphere. With friendly service and delicious dishes, many have been drawn to it over time, including me.

4. Good Time Charley’s

If you haven’t had breakfast at this local favorite by 9:30 am, then you’re running behind. They even make all-day breakfast. With free coffee refills and a menu that goes on for days, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like here.

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  1. Debby Rogers

    I have no use for Ann Arbor nor any part of Michigan. My granddaughter was severely assaulted by her legal sperm donor and fighting to obtain custody of her I was treated like a criminal. I was totally insulted. The ordeal costs me thousands of dollars to reside there and legal costs. He only received 5 years, parental rights terminated and he is out a free man. She is a quadriplegic cerebral palsy victim confined to a wheelchair with irreversible brain damage. Funds were raised on her behalf and they went into someone’s pocket. Certainly not hers. The auto workers union was behind that fundraiser. This occurred in 2007-2008. We came home to NC February 2008 due to death of my husband. I never plan to cross that state line again. The pain was overwhelming.


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