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August 21, 2021


Besides being a thriving ground for Games, Movie Theaters, Angers is also your ideal place for a visit. It is not just a home of beautiful museums, delightful boutiques but a home of epic spots. Food, culture, serene and calm surroundings make the city very appealing.

If you plan to explore Angers on your next visit, try out some of the places reviewed below.

Château des Ducs d’Anjou

Château is a symbolic building and a significant spot that attracts visitors. Take your time to admire the beautiful hanging Apocalypse Tapestry (Apocalypse of Saint-John). Along the walkway, there are different herbs and a great city and river view.

Maison d’Adam

La Maison d’Adam showcases the art done by more than eighty craftsmen worldwide. Unique and handcrafted pieces of art are brought together to make a masterpiece.

Béhuard Island

The green surrounding is ideal for picnics. The end of the island is quiet and helps you see the vistas of the Loire. Here you will have a good time in the heart of nature.

In addition to the above, you can do many other things to create a memorable experience in Angers. It would be best if you considered exploring:

  • Terra Botanica, featuring plants all over the world
  • Galerie David d’Angers for an acceptable art fix
  • Winery tours, which is suitable for lovers of wine
  • Port de la Possonnière, for historical heritage and historical heritage

Another place you should visit in the city is Musée des Beaux-Arts which is suitable for cultural activities. The city is full of activities that keep you occupied. There is something for everyone in Angers, regardless of your passion and hobbies.

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  1. Richard Klein MD

    Great review!Can’t wait to visit. Thanks R Klein M.D.


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