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November 19, 2022

Alcudia, pronounced as [əlˈkuðiə] in its Catalan tongue, is a Spanish municipal town located on the eastern coast of North Majorca. Alcudia is derived from the word al-kudja, an Arab word that means “on the hill.” Tourism began trickling in Alcudia in the 1920s when the first visitors toured the region; it has since become a popular place to visit and explore. A medieval wall surrounds Alcudia, and the coastal region is covered with hotels that spread along the 14 km beach. This gorgeous stretch of beach makes the city one of the most attractive destinations worldwide. It is also one of the oldest towns in Spain, with some structures dating all the way back to the 13th century. Alcudia has done a wonderful job in preserving its buildings, so there are a ton of historical sites to explore. 

Are you a fan of ancient infrastructure and old town setups? If yes, then Alcudia, Spain, would be a good tourist destination for you.

Fun Facts:

· Alcudia’s coast stretches 14 km; on the beach, there are many restaurants in Port d’Alcudia and Platja d’Alcudia.

· In the 16th Century, Alcudia was threatened by complete abandonment due to attacks from pirates.

· Alcudia is an old town; some of the structures are still present and date back to the 13th Century; the city is enclosed within medieval walls.

· The Alcudia old towns host markets on Sundays and Tuesdays all year round.

· In Alcudia, the citizens celebrate the St.Jaume festival annually; the celebrations last nine days and have a specific theme known to the par


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