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January 22, 2022

Ajaccio is a town on the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is about 400 km southeast of Marseille, France. Officially, Ajaccio is a French commune, the smallest municipal division in the French government. As of 2018, the population was 70,000, all living in a coastal strip of flat land. Most of the island is undeveloped and remains wild.

Ajaccio is the perfect vacation destination for many who live in the region. There are about 110 days worth of sunshine each year, making it an ideal place for water sports and other sunbathed activities.

Ajaccio plays a storied part in Roman and later French History: 

  • It was annexed by France in 1780.
  • Corsica is the ancestral birthplace of Napoleon. In fact, the Island celebrates its Napoleon heritage with reminders of the Bonapartes all over the island.
  • The island has been populated for thousands of years.
  • Ajaccio had a Genoese stronghold during the Middle Ages.
  • Ancient Roman ruins indicate possible Roman occupation.

Things to do in Ajaccio

  • Visit the Beach: Corsica is in the Mediterranean climate zone making the white sand beaches a local treasure.
  • Explore Pointe de la Parata: an old Genoese watchtower on the coast
  • Visit Musée Fesch: a museum housing many of Bonaparte’s art collections.
  • The Tête de Mort (head of death): This is an interesting sight at the top of a coastal trail. Legend has it that the head is the petrified head of Satan.

Cruise: Take a cruise around the island and see the Scandola Nature Reserve from a different vantage point


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