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September 13, 2022

The city at the Gulf of Guinea is the most common description of Accra. It is a city of diverse cultures, where the French and Ghanaian cultures intermingle. Whether you are looking to purchase something, start a business, find food, or kill time, Accra happens to have it all.

Accra is a name that originates from the native word Akan which translates to ants. This description is derived from its hillsides which are infested with ant hills. It is the largest city in Ghana and also its capital. The vibrant nightlife and numerous tourist sites are some of what Accra has to offer.

Fun Facts:

  • Accra is known as no man's land because of many different cultures and people from different places. No one is originally from Accra.
  • A famous American sociologist, W.E.B. Dubois, is buried in Accra.
  • In 1862 the capital of Ghana was almost destroyed by earthquakes.
  • Between 1877 and 1957, Accra was the capital of the British Gold Coast.
  • There are several minerals mined in Accra, Ghana: gold, diamond, magnesium, and bauxite.
  • Accra is known as one of the hottest cities in Africa; during the hottest period, the temperatures go up to 29 degrees Celsius.
  • It is tough to say the most common economic activity in Ghana; it is a city where numerous activities occur.

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  1. Jarrette R Sudduth Jr

    Enjoyed my time there years ago. U.S. Embassy & staff.


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